What Is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a marketing method that aims to promote or offer a product or other business by using email as the main marketing medium. To start running you need to have a list of as many email addresses as possible by a predetermined target market. You can do this by collecting one by one from the blog subscribers, accessing yourself using certain techniques, or asking people who are experts in the field of email marketing. But the thing to remember that to do email marketing still requires approval on the part of the email owner. This is due to being classified as privacy which if not done right can offend certain parties. It would be nice if you send email marketing aimed at the right target also who has an interest in what you want to convey. To achieve your goal you should also make sure the email address is valid and active by using email tester service.

The thing to note in the email marketing method is the number of registrants or subscribers. So actually the email marketing method knows two important terms, including Open Rate and Click Rate. Open Rate is the rate at which open emails are sent, calculated by dividing the number of emails that have been opened by subscribers divided by the number of emails sent. While the Click Rate is the rate at which the button or link is clicked on the email that has been sent. The method is calculated by dividing the number of clicks and the number of emails sent.

Another thing to note in email marketing is never to disappoint your customers via the email you send. You must be able to ensure that these customers benefit from these emails. Do not let customers only register to get emails with content or content that is not relevant or not as expected. Therefore, the content of email marketing must be considered carefully.

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