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Ways To Create Safe Place For Cat At Home To Hide

It is normal for cat to hide and there can be many reasons behind that like when they feel threatened. So if there is a pet cat at your home then it is essential creating a safe space for a cat at home to hide. Hiding the cat’s presence at home is not a bad thing as it will be completely the choice of the cat itself. You just need to provide them the space that’s it.

If any new visitor comes home then cat can hide if they do not feel comfortable in front of them, or on the other hand if any pet from the neighbor arrives at your home. So this is the way in which you can keep your cat safe and secure.

hiding space

Few methods to create a hiding space

  • Cardboard boxes

The number one thing on which you can work on is the cardboard boxes as you can use them to create a hiding space. Also on the other hand do not forget to put blanket inside the box for their comfort.

  • High hiding places

You should go for the higher places as it will make them comfortable in many ways like they can keep eyes on anything they want to. It will be like her territory on which she can keep the eyes.

  • Curtains

They can also hide behind the curtain and can sit on the ledges of the window. It will be a good place for them as they can keep an eye on everything that is going on outside.

  • Outdoor cat house It will give your cat an extra space to fit in. Also no one will be going to disturb the cat in this way.



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