Cleaning Grill Regularly

Having a barbecue party (BBQ) at home is indeed a fun thing. But, after throwing a party, have you ever checked the condition of your grill? BBQ grills that used repeatedly can be filled with charred crust deposits, leftovers, and seasonings. If not cleaned properly, the charred crust can block the flow of heat in the food being grilled. To clean it, it’s a good idea to use rubber gloves to protect your hands because cleaning the grill is not an easy job and will cause your clothes to get dirty. But if the crust is already too thick and the grill too dirty and you are worried that the cleaning product you use could damage the grill, you could always trust the OC grill cleaning service to make your grill clean in no time and ready to use.

However, there are ways of cleaning you could do to clean the inside of the grill. At first, carefully rub the grill using a wire brush to knock out the scorched sticky crust. Remove the grills, then soak them in a mixture of soap and hot water for one hour. Throw ash, used charcoal, and other dirt in the charcoal container into the trash. Also, brush the charred crust at the bottom and the walls of the charcoal storage box. Meanwhile, to clean the outside of the toaster, you can use a cloth soaked with soapy water to wash the outside of the charcoal storage box. You can also use a mixture of baking soda powder and warm water to clean food stains that are difficult to remove with water.

Ideally, you clean your grill every time you use it. Wait for your toaster to dry, then spray the inside of the BBQ appliance with high-pressure water hose in a roomy area, so that the spark does not hit other objects in the vicinity. After that, rub the bars and the charcoal storage box using pumice or wire brush. Be careful not to scratch the heating element. Discard the burnt crust, flush the charcoal container box with a special cleaning product for BBQ tools, then rinse. It is better to use grill cleaning service if you want it to be spotless.