Car Exterior Detailing

Detailing is not just vacuuming and washing cars. Detailing means paying attention to the small details that make a car look beautiful and be proud of. Start with the interior so you don’t have to worry about messing up the exterior when you are detailing the inside. If you want to get professional car detailing treatment, try mobile detailing orlando.

Here’s how to Detail a Car Exterior :

1. Brush the rim with a wheel brush and wheel cleaner or oil remover. Clean the rim first, because this is where most of the dirt, dust, and oil accumulate, and you may need to leave the cleaning product for a while. Allow the product to absorb into the rim for 30 seconds to 1 minute before being brushed.
Acid-based cleaners should only be used on coarse-textured alloy wheels, if necessary, but not on polished alloy wheels or clear coat wheels.
Shine the chrome wheels with metal polish or glass cleaner.

2. Wash the tire with a whitewall tire cleaner (even if the wall is black). Give a tire coating. For a sparkling touch, let the upholstery absorb, or wipe with a cotton cloth for a matte look.

3. Tie the electronic components with plastic under the hood. Spray oil cleaner, then wipe with a pressure sprayer.

4. Beautify the non-metallic area under the hood with vinyl/rubber shield. For a sparkling appearance, let the protector absorb. For a matte look, wipe thoroughly.

5. Be careful with tinted windows. Factory dyes are already embedded in the glass itself, so you don’t need to worry too much, but the dyes on the market are easier to decompose and can be damaged by cleaners containing ammonia and / or vinegar. Check your cleaner before using it to tinted windows.

6. Wash the exterior of the car with car cleaning soap, not dishwashing detergent. Park the car in the shade and wait for the surface of the car to cool. Use a thick microfiber fibre towel that will remove dirt and not make it enter the surface of the car.
Tip: Use two buckets – one with a foam cleaner, one with water – when cleaning. After you dip the cloth in the foamy water and clean the car, dip the foaming dirty water in a bucket of water so you don’t pollute the cleaning bucket.

Dish cleaning detergents peel the polymer from the paint coating and speed up the oxidation process.

Start from the top-down, clean and rinse each section at a time. Don’t let the soap dry on its own.

Remove the spray tip from the water hose before the final rinse to minimize spotting.

Use a chamois or towel to dry; do not let the wind dry it, as it will appear with patches of soap.

7. Clean the outside of the window with glass cleaner. Newly detailed windshields should shine and bounce, not dull and dirty.

8. Remove dirt and mud from the wheel gaps with a versatile cleaner and high-pressure water spray. Add vinyl coatings to the wheel cracks for a sparkling effect.

9. Lift the contaminants that are fused to the car with a liquid clay bar. You can use traditional clay bars to remove dirt like sap, but liquid clay bars work faster and are almost as effective.

10. Use polish or wax (if using both, use and clean the polish first) with a double-action or orbital polishing machine or by hand. Rotary polishing machines must be used by professionals.
Polish is for a sparkling look. Candles are protective.
Use the longitudinal direction. Do not move the engine in a circular motion.
Pay attention to the door frame, around the door hinges and behind the bumper, where you need to make a circular motion with your hands.
Let dry like mist. Then finish detailing the car using a polishing machine. Areas that are difficult to reach can be polished by hand.
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